I very much enjoyed our class this week and the sociology conference that the class attended to on Wednesday was perhaps the highlight of my week. In the informational session I was able to learn about the many people in congregations that go outside their belief in God and stick up for those who have no voice. Protesting the Catholic Cathedral that was built instead of giving the money to charity, and providing soup to anyone on Skid Row are one some of the many acts that are done to better the name of the church. Interestingly enough when reading the quotes of the activists, they believe in doing good in God’s name and feel as though the churches and congregation they belong don’t do enough which is why they feel the responsibility to do more. I relate to this as I feel like my Catholic church does not emphasize how important it is to give back and pay it forward.

After visiting with my religious expert Pastor Don, it is evident that Redlands Christian Center believes in helping themselves before helping the community. They were very one minded on the path to salvation and he expressed several times that if not followed properly a person would not have eternal salvation. The beauty of this class is that as a student I am given the opportunity to see a wide breath of perspectives without asserting my bias on to their choices.