Nike and Hijabs

Nike has recently published an add advertising their new athletic hijab to their clothing line. Considering all the hate both men and woman of the Islamic hate have been going through the timing of the hijab release has been both praised and condemned upon by the public. Many people of the public are very happy that Nike is becoming a more inclusive athletic line and are hoping that as an American country this shows to the Islamic community a more positive side than the discrimination going on as per the presidential election. However, there are also many that have the “Argument that the Pro Hijab is too late, too expensive, and not necessarily in demand by the Muslim athletic community shouldn’t be shrugged off” (Spector 2017). This article really got me thinking does Nike really have the best intention when making the athletic hijab’s, when they already are a company known for barely paying their factory workers enough to survive and employing child workers? Many companies to to be a more inclusive corporation but perhaps Nike could have partnered up with a smaller company that already makes athletic hijab rather than trying to take business away from them.