Is Secularization a trait of American Religion?

This past week the concept of Secularization in Religion was stressed in both class periods. At first I found myself thinking that secularization seemed very apparent in the world and reading Christianity in Britain, R.I.P. by Bruce reassured those feelings I was having. The possibility that religion was slowly taking a new form started to frighten me because my religion is the biggest part of my life and I do not want the environment of religion to change too much. Then I came into class on Wednesday and the presentations on the rest of the articles, I had not read, started to give me a new perspective. There seemed to be more possibilities that secularization was not really taking complete control of the world. It seems to be possible that the United Stated wasn’t even being affected by secularization. I personally believe that a change in the structure, dynamic, belief, and society around religion is occurring among us. Although, now I have begun to be swayed by articles like Finke’s, which stress that America is unsecular. It could very well be true that just Europe has had a takeover of secularization. The arguments that Bruce made about Europe just seemed strikingly familiar to what is also happening here in America through my eyes. What has given me hope from all of the readings, is the idea that America is still so fresh and new in its religion. I am not ready to except that America is going to let go of its ideals quite that easy.