The power in those who are in charge

Samira Achbita sued her former employer G4S for firing her for refusing to take off her head scarf. In 2008 Asma Bougnaoui was fired for not removing her veil while working. These lawsuits were the reasoning behind the European court of Justice’s decision to give the work place the power to either allow or clothing articles representing religious or political views. This decision affects people by the thousand in Europe as 28 countries are obligated to the consequence of this ruling. The court believes their decision is fair as they claim it “does not constitute direct discrimination if applied universally” (Jamieson). The court is giving employers a huge amount of power over their employee’s. Employee’s should be able practice religions and endorse political views as they please, and not feel like a higher power such as a boss can tell them how to practice their faith. I am hoping that American’s view the decision made by the European Court’s a step backward in the hopes of becoming a forward thinking society. With the level of hate crimes and discrimination consistently reoccurring all over the U.S. It is scary to think about the power of those who are higher up have.