The Quiet Rise of a Secular Coalition in US Politics

This article points out that there is a harsh division in our country between non-evangelical and evangelical Christians. “Christianity Today magazine noted that, when the views of evangelicals were removed from the mix, only a third of nonevangelical Americans had warm feelings toward evangelicals. Flip that around and that means two-thirds of nonevangelicals have lukewarm or cold feelings about evangelical Christians”. This ties into our six sociological narratives that help to explain what’s happening to religion. This can be correlated with the idea that there is a conservative resurgence. The right winged Christianity sector is growing and this is an example of the feelings each group feels towards one another. I think it’s interesting to view this study because we can view the disconnect within our nation and understand the politics behind the governmental system as it truly changes within this next presidential term.

The article also mentions how millennials are now becoming more unaffiliated with religion and are becoming categorized as “nones”. Because of our past class I can now have a better understanding of how and why millennials are being driven away from religion or have a change of thought about religion in general. There are many cultural trends that are affecting the choices made by millennials which are important to note. The idea that “conservative religious groups stand out, and are seen as a threat, because their beliefs are not normal” is also very important to examine. It has been fun to implement the things we are learning into up to date news articles and examining why their statements make sense.