Blog Reflection

This last week of class was focused on religious congregations and the differences and similarities between them. On Monday we discussed our visits to various religious congregations throughout Redlands, and what we learned and observed during these visits. The number of different congregations that people visited and the similarities and differences between them were fascinating to see all at once. On Wednesday we saw the very last case study presentation on the Mosaic church. This was a really unique and interesting congregation and seeing such an in-depth look at it was a very new experience. Overall the last week was very interesting, and provided an excellent opportunity to experience new spiritual methods and practices and how so many disparate people take their own individual paths to enlightenment and religion. Going into this next week and the classes that come after Midterm, I cannot wait to more closely examine the various ways in which religious groups interact with each other and society at large. This has been a very interesting class, and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.