The Acceptance of Other Faiths

In this article from The Huffington Post, it talks about a study conducted by Pew Research Center, which surveyed approximately 4,000 Americans to see how accepting they are towards other religions. The results of this survey showed that Americans are increasingly becoming more accepting towards other relgions, as compared to a similar survey conducted by Pew in 2014. Jews and Catholics received the “warmest” rating, while Muslims received the “coldest.” I think this article is really interesting because I never would have assumed in today’s political climate that Americans are feeling more accepting towards thsoe of different religions. If anything, I would assume that there would be a decline in acceptance, especially with the large controversy surrounding Trump’s travel ban which targets Muslims, and the severe increase in threats towards Jewish community centers. While this article is surprising, it does give me hope that our soceity today is recognizing the need for acceptance, and hopefully acting on it. This article relates to our class discussions on Monday because we all gave a short three minute summary of our congregational visits, and every person who spoke had a positivie, peaceful experience. While some students were greeted and welcomed a little more enthusiastically that others were, no one spoke of being turned away or not accepted at their congregation, which really¬†demonstrates how peaceful and welcoming many religions can be, regardless of how others “feel” about them.