Reflection on Family and Religion

Last class we had two more presentations that emphasized something that I think is vital to religion and that is family, or a sense of community.  In the presentation on the two communities Bais Chana and the Lincoln Square Synagogue, one of the biggest draws was the sense of community and sense of belonging to something greater than one’s self.  This also seemed to be the case with the paradigm churches discussed in the second presentation.  I personally found the idea of the paradigm church to be appealing but would most likely enjoy smaller spaces for service rather than auditorium size.

In this day and age, I think it is very easy to get lost and feel disconnected from the rest of society.  In big cities it’s easy to feel like just one of many, to feel small, and it is difficult to create communities with people and feel connected to others.  I think this is one of the reasons why community and family are so appealing.  Humans are wired to be social beings, arguably, it’s because that ensures our survival, but also because connection with others and the world around us can allow us to find meaning in our lives.  Religion is one of those ways in which we can find meaning in our lives while also being part of something greater than ourselves. However, for me religion provided meaning but I was never part of a religious community the way it seems the members of Protestant paradigm churches and Bais Chana and Lincoln Square Synagogue were like.  Maybe my own religious path would have been much different if this was the case.

(Sunday 2/16 Reflection)