freedom of religion

What is true freedom of religion? Kentucky Senate passes bill to allow religion in schools. I saw people commenting on it, and most of them was opposing it while the most of senators (31 out of 34) voted to pass the bill.

I am not sure how many people agree or disagree with that bill, and I am not sure how I feel about that either. People who disagree and worry about this bill say this just gives school/teacher chance to promote their own religion, which is most likely major religion, which is Christianity. I agree that it is difficult to say that all religion has equal chance to be represented in school since all religion has different population. To protect freedom of religion,  they say, religion in school should be not allowed.

I do agree with them but not fully. Those people opposing the bill might be tolerant but not pluralistic. I think separating religion is little bit different from freedom of religion. If we can perceive difference of religion less important (doesn’t mean religion is not important to person), and if we can talk about religion and how do others think about religion more freely, people might be  more pluralistic, not just be tolerant, which is like “Oh you believe in that? That’s good, bye.” Also, knowing about something makes less fearful or unconformable of it. I am still questioning about this bill, but at same time, how people opposing might be opposite of something that they truly want.