Religious Tolerance in Society

Last week’s discussions were a little different as we started our presentations on our specific books. Having presented on Wednesday on my book Passionate Journeys, I thought it was really interesting to think about religion from the point of view of God Needs No Passport. Passionate Journeys focused on the Rajneesh cult and how thousands of men and woman found fullfillment within the teachings and values of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, while God Needs No Passport had a broader focus on religion. It was very interesting to think about the different types of religious acceptance, like religious tolerance, pluralism, and exclusivism, and especially how they relate to today’s current events. Especially in the US, it is very important to accept new religions regardless of whether or not you agree/ believe in them, as our country’s founders were also escaping religious persecution. The question of whether or not a pluralistic society can successfully exist was raised during the presentation, and while a pluralistic society may be unreasonable in today’s political climate, I believe it is possible to acheive a tolerant society.