Religion Throughout the Nation

Religion is something that is supposed to hold someone/a group together in times of turmoil. The nation has been in an uproar this past week with some of President Trump’s decisions for America. The nation has been either defending or attacking his decisions based on their religion. The immigration act has offended many people in the nation, because it disallows people to come into the country, because of their background. This enrages people, because the nation should be a nation held under God and God does not discriminate against people. Trump thinks he is doing America justice by keeping people of  Muslim background out of America, but he is only separating us more. God believes to love thy neighbor and to not judge. By banning all Muslims, he is assimilating that all of them are no good and mean harm to this country. As a country, we are a symbol that represents freedom and Trump is beginning to take that away. In chapter 8 of American Religions, Chaves says, “… people have been changing their religion to match their political and social views”, and I think this is what is slowly happening with America. People who support Trump would not like it if other countries banned us for the simple fact that we are from America. People saying that they support Trump, because they support Christian is outlandish and is false. By being Christian you would not support the immigration ban and would be open to having another descent in the country.