Wedding That Might Not Happen

A muslim woman, Alisobhani, is currently engaged to her fiancé, Justin Yanuck, who is a Jewish man. They plan to be married May 20th, 2017 and Alisobhani is mostly looking forward to having both families together for the first time and she’s thrilled about it. However, President Trump’s immigration ban might come in-between this and may not allow the families to be able to travel to the United States to attend the wedding. This ruling bans seven Muslim major countries from being able to travel into the United States for a minimum of 90 days. Unfortunately, part of Alisobhani’s family has Iranian citizenship, so they will be for sure banned from getting into the United States. With Trump’s presidency, America is undergoing a priestly civil religion, which is the country coming first and it’s religion being it’s appendage. Trump is looking at the country’s well being first, before thinking about how it is affecting people of certain religion. He is molding the country to be mostly God-Believing in their religion. For Alisobhani, the wedding for her is more of a celebration of their families coming together and because of Trump, it may not be able to happen.