Religion in Education Curriculum

According to a news article by Libba Holland, a parent of a sixth-grade student at a school in Dorchester County, North Carolina complained about her child’s religious homework assignment. The assignment was about Islam and it also had questions regarding the students’ religious beliefs. Education officials in South Carolina say that it is important for students to get a feel for other religions, not just the ones that are presented to them at their homes. The goal for the district is to have teachers teach their students about religion without a bias or their opinions added. This way, the students can learn about the history of the religion and develop an appreciation and understanding of the world and our diverse society.

If religions hold societies together, why would it be a problem for students to learn about the different religions in their country? The parent of the student in North Carolina seems to have an “exclusivist” view of the society, meaning that they are aware of religion and what it does but they only want it done their way. I think it is important, however, to educate people about different religions present in our society in order to prevent fear from ignorance.