Religion in American Education

The article I found this week, is pertaining to the new pick for Betsy DeVos to become the next Secretary of Education for the United States. DeVos is a believer in using federal taxpayer dollars for private education. The reasoning behind her strong desire for more private education comes from her religious background. The feedback on her viewpoint goes both ways. Some say that her religion comes on too strong as a deciding factor, while others think this would be good to help families have equal choice. I felt that introducing this article was convenient considering we just watched the movie Born Again, that stressed the utter importance of children getting a Christian education. I completely understand wanting to send your children to a private Christian school, so that they can get the education you want them to. I do however not understand the purpose of it, if they are just going to tell you that this is the only way life can be. I believe that elementary aged children are very easily influenced and forcing them to get a Christian education can be looked at as a form of brain washing. As a Christian, it is hard to think of how I will eventually raise my children because I want my family to be full of individuals who make their own decisions, but of course I hope they have faith. The whole idea of religion coming into play with education, creates a big picture of just how much religion can influence a society and how the government tries to play a role in its growth.

Brittany De Lea “Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on School Choice, Vouchers and Religion” Fox Business. Published Feb. 7th, 2017. Web.