Film; sectarian religion

As we saw the film Born again, I was amazed the way of religion they had. The way they have their religion was the sectarian way (they think only way to be saved is to believe and accept Jesus, and they had tension with society).

Honestly, I was feeling unconformable but at same time I was amazed. I was unconformable because the way they impose their belief on non-believer was exactly what I think of when thinking about bad side of religion (which never happened to me, luckily). There are so many ways of religions and ways of believing religions, and I don’t want to say anything about any of them, but I just didn’t like how pastor was too much caring about personal life. I think I will be freaked out if ex-boyfriend’s church’s pastor came up to me and say that you need to accept Jesus.

But also, I was amazed because how strong their belief is. I was amazed how strongly believe in God, which results them to separate themselves from non-believers. I am not saying that there is no God in this world, but personally, I can’t be that sure and believe that strongly.

Because they believe in God, the community was strongly and closely tied, like we saw pastor involving in believer’s personal life. I think it is strengthened not only because pastor’s characteristic but maybe also because the way they separate their community, from society. I think people feel strong bond in community when there is clear and deep discrete they  feel between two groups, themselves and non-beievers. In the film, it is whether believing and accepting Jesus, but also things like whether believing in science, which pastor said “un-godly”, or not.