Born Again: Life in a Fundamentalist Baptist Church

When watching Born Again: Life in a Fundamentalist Baptist Church, I was intrigued by the story of the youth in the Church. The pastor’s daughter, Valarie, was talking about wishing she was not the pastor’s daughter, and she wanted to experience what life outside of the church would be like. The kids in the school felt suffocated because they all know each other and they all know each other’s business. They were also talking about how they did things that their parents didn’t know about: they went on secret dates, they lied (very minor white lies), and they talked about things that would be considered “sinful” by their parents or other members of their community. I found it interesting to hear what the kids had to say when their parents were not around. They were able to say what they probably would not be able to say with their parents there. Do their parents know that their kids feel this way about their school and religious practice? It seemed as though the kids felt like their on a rather tight leash and would like some freedom.

I wish the film spent more time on exploring the lives of the youth. I want to know more about their own beliefs, and how much their parents have influenced them. Do they have the same religious views if they are born into it rather than being “born again” like their parents? If not now, will they develop them in their future? I also wish we could have heard what the parents have to say about their kids.