The Tragic Ban of Muslims

The article that I read, Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban Is Cowardly and Dangerous, comes from the Opinion Piece section of the New York Times. I felt a connection and appreciation towards this article because it is so raw. We are in the midst of a time in America where we are witnessing the tragic reality that not everyone seems to be accepting the values that our country has always had. America has always been a country that is about freedom, whether that means you have the freedom to say what you want or practice the religion you want. Now that Trump is working hard to remove Muslims from America, we are yearning for the days when our freedom was something we could cherish. Something that I grew up loving about my country was religious freedom because I know how vital my relationship with God is to my life and I want everyone to have the freedom to have that opportunity. Now that this ban has occurred, it makes me reflect back on all of our times spent trying to define religion. It’s hard to accept that Muslims are being targeted because as a religious person, I sympathize for them. I know that outsiders must look in, judge them and make assumptions on their religion based on stereotypes. I praise these people though, for being strong in their beliefs and culture. It’s better to have pride than to be a coward.