Religious Leaders Respond to Trump’s Immigration Orders

President Trump has signed executive orders for building a wall on our Southern border, and later this week plans to issue an executive order that will dramatically restrict refugees from entering the country who come from countries Trump deems “high-risk”. The article quotes religious leaders such as Catholic Sister Simone Bell, Reverend Canon E. Mark Stevenson, Robert Bank (CEO of Jewish World Service) and many others who all agree that the President’s actions do not correspond with the values of America as a country, or the values of faith that many religious people of America hold. Bank acknowledges a historical time in which America was indifferent to helping Jewish refugees during World War Two, and regrets that “President Trump does not understand this lesson from the darkest chapters in world history”. Some of Trump’s religious advisers respond that the Bible does not command that everyone who wants to enter a country may do so, and that this is not a biblical issue. It is interesting how faith can be used as a political argument when it is convenient, and is dismissed when it is not. The Bible does not directly say “let refugees into your country”, but it does say to love and care for those in need. I reflect on the fact that this country is roughly 70% Christian, and find that not letting refugees into the country would not be in alignment with the teachings of Jesus Christ. Once again, religion and politics make for a very interesting combination.