Immigration “Ban” and its ties to religion

The terminology of the immigration ban has been up for discussion, as Donald Trump stated on Wednesday morning, “Everybody is arguing whether or not it is a BAN. Call it what you want, it is about keeping bad people (with bad intentions) out of country!” Yet on a Tweet on Monday, he called it a “ban” when referring to it. “If the ban were announced with a one week notice, the “bad” would rush into our country during that week. A lot of bad “dudes” out there!”

That takes away from the focus of what the executive order actually did and what it means. The more actively religious individuals in the US tends to be more politically and socially conservative than non-active religious individuals (Chaves, pg. 94), yet some of many critics of the ban came from Christian leaders, stating in a letter with eight Christian leaders’ signatures, “Their lives matter to God, and they matter to us.”
While I believe Chaves’ observation has truth behind it, I’m curious as to wonder how much that will change over the next 4 years.