Muslim Travel Ban in the US

On Friday, President Donald Trump ordered a travel ban on seven Muslim-majority Middle Eastern countries and refugees. The seven countries banned are Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Libya, and Sudan. This ban halts immigration for at least ninety days, but the ban can continue on further, and it is expected to do so. The seven countries were put on the “countries of interest” list by the Obama Administration, and President Trump’s orders are lashing right out at former President Obama. The White House claims these procedures as “extreme vetting”, not as a Muslim ban or a travel ban. When presented in social media, however, this order is written as a Muslim travel ban, and many people are fighting back.

Unfortunately, many Americans are afraid of Islam and Middle Eastern countries due to the lack of knowledge and misconceptions about the religion.  Because of this, President Donald Trump decided to take drastic measures within his first week in office. There are protests happening all around the country against this ban. Additionally, many other countries are inviting the refugees to their own country. On social media, videos and footage have been coming out from airport protests from all around the country. Social media has been the main medium for people to express their concern and post information.