Trump Flirts with Theocracy

Many believe that Trump’s actions this weekend are an attempt to move the U.S. away from being a religiously free country and towards becoming a Christian country that is hostile to other religions. This opinion comes after the executive order signed by Trump banning refugees and citizens of seven majority Muslim countries from entering the U.S. This order also said that religious minorities (aka Christians) from these countries would be giving priority eventually for entering the U.S. This way, Trump is still looking out for people of his own religion, but being hostile towards everyone else. Today in class, we discussed McGuire’s categorization of religions, including the characteristic of many religions that believe their way is the only way. This can be seen in Trump’s first actions of his presidency. His actions reflect the attitude that Christianity is the only way and that people of other religions do not deserve to be in this country. If he continues to enact policies with this mindset, the U.S. will move towards becoming a theocratic country that is no longer religiously free.