Finding my place in religion as a woman

I was raised in a traditional Catholic household and attended Catholic school from 1st grade till my high school graduation. During puberty is when my mother started explaining to me the clear differences between women and men because of religion. She would tell me that the Bible taught that women had to be subordinate to men and that I could not be a sexual being like a man because my worth came from my virginity, and my husband AND God would be disappointed in me if I was not virgin on our honeymoon. These ideas did not coincide well with who I believed to be, because I felt that my sexuality should not determine my relationship with God. I realize now that my mom did not mean to hurt me, but that she was raised on these traditional beliefs.
In “The Social Context”, McGuire speaks about the history as to why women sexuality has been demonized to be seen as something evil. As a result, it does not necessarily make women happy or give them a positive identity. I think that’s why I strived away from religion, because I did not identify with those beliefs. This is when I began to become more of a “spiritual” person. I believe more women would want to be religious again, if these traditional ideals were no longer in place. The idea that women’s sexuality is evil is a historical construct, but it does not mean that it must remain permanent. Getting rid of some traditional beliefs and adapting to modern times could be away for religion to gain popularity from those people who have turned against it.