Trump orders construction of border wall

The religious landscape of the United States has been forever determined by immigration and migration. Among Native Americans sharing and shaping the earliest of belief systems and in more recent history travelers coming through Ellis Island and across other boarder points have all contributed to the religious landscape we know today. Newly inaugurated President Donald Trump though may interfere with the natural development of this religious landscape. Recently, Trump has released order that are foreshadowing the construction of a physical wall along the U.S – Mexico border. These orders included beefing up immigration patrols along the long standing fence in place today, revoking government grant money from cities serving as “sanctuary cities”, and the mass deportation of undocumented immigrants. President Trump claims he is targeting undocumented immigrants who have committed crimes while in the United States, but fails to detail a plan that doesn’t clearly target the masses regardless of a criminal history. Trump has also added that undocumented immigrants who have not accumulated a criminal history, after being deport, could potentially return to the United States after an “expedited process”. The entire idea behind Trumps recent executive order is to strengthen boarder security.