Return of the Jedi?

With the recent name drop for the new Star Wars movie, there has been some religious fact tied into it. The New York Times published an article stating the growth of the religion of Jediism, yes like the Star Wars Jedi. It first began to show interest in the 1990s but grew to popularity in 2001 when the local census caused people to jokingly list Jediism as their religion which unknowingly paved the way for the actual creation of the organized religion. The plot of the movie, as well as phrases and terms used, have been adapted by those claiming the religion as their own. In 2005, the first Temple of the Jedi Order was founded and those who believe in this religion say that it’s still about living a better life and receiving a better death through an eight step program where one learns the importance of myths, other religions and religious tips as well as how to interact within a community, before receiving a mentor to work with one-on-one through religious growth. Followers identify the religion as a way for people who identify as religious to separate from traditional organized religion and described it at being similar to Taoism where the Tao is linked to the Force. Although the movies were the inspiration and the basis for the religion, with leaders to come out with Jedi scriptures, majority of its leaders aren’t necessary lovers of the movies, but were looking for something outside of tradition. So where do we draw the line at what is considered a religion and what isn’t?