When horse diapers and freedom of religion collide


Okay, I don’t know if this article is too funny(I mean, they are serious but at least title is funny to me…) for this assignment, but I just can’t forget about this article so I decided to write about this one.

This article, “When horse diapers and freedom of religion collide” is about Amish people and the city government. The city ordinance decided to make it requirement horses to wear diapers. Two Amish man said that the order violating Amish religious standards.

First I needed to look up Amish because I didn’t know about them. As it says in article, Amish is religious group that “believe in shunning things that are ‘of the world,'”and in this case, the “plaintiffs are members of the Old Order Swartzentruber Amish religion, one of the most conservative Amish orders.” They don’t use technology (some Amish accept some of technologies), so they don’t use car and use carriage with horse instead.

As I was reading the article, I was wondering which of four categories(church, sect, denomination, cult) it fells. In this case, this conservative Amish looks like sect since with self-conceived legitimacy and has negative tension towards society since they are accusing the city. However, when I was looking up the word Amish, not every Amish doesn’t look like that way. Some of them just stay away from society, not necessary with negative/aggressive attitude toward society. If they are less conservative, then they are more like church? Although it’s same religion, Amish, if the community is different, the category that it falls different?