Reflection 1/21/17

It was interesting to read chapter four of Religion The Social Content and compare it to the movie we watched in class because I could look more in-depth of the differences of Suzy and Glen’s stories and see if gender roles had anything to do with the differences.  When Suzy became bored of being a housewife and mother I think she looked to religion for something entirely different than what Glen’s revelation made him search for. Their actions beyond finding Religion is what made me the most curious. How would they preform their religious roles? Are their actions due to social norms?

Suzy’s story is a good example of how social norms may be changing. She was a very intellectual woman who could do or be anything she wanted. This observation is already a new social norm for women. However, she became pregnant and got stuck at home being a mother while her husband was out working. This was a very common theme in the past. How she went out and re-found herself in religion was interesting. It was a slow process allowing herself to grow and find herself within religion. Her roles and actions in her church were very different from Glen’s. She was part of smaller women’s groups, she was involved with charity events, and even had one on one talks (more like therapy sessions) with the pastor.

Glen got “saved” on one specific day, his conversion process was quick and he jumped right into the idea. He had quite a large role in the church which is very different compared to Suzy’s roles. He led some services, was involved with youth groups, he shared his love of the church to everyone and anyone. He was very outgoing and climbed up the latter within his church very quickly. Does this have anything to do with gender norms? Was it more accepting for a male to gain all of this recognition and power in a church or was it just because he pursued it? I think gender roles within religion are very interesting and is definitely something I would consider looking into more.