“Trump Has Me Searching for a New Religion”

The article I read, “Trump Has me Searching for a New Religion”, written by Garrison Keillor at first seems too sarcastic to take into consideration. He despises Trump and his embarrassing behaviors, empty promises, and ideas of destruction. However, reading further into his article it became relevant to our course. He offers the idea that social change regarding religion may change drastically within the next four years because of Trumps presidency.

What caught my attention to the relevancy of this article is when Keillor stated “Too many of my fellow Christians voted for selfishness and for degradation of the beautiful world God created…. I’m looking around for other options”. I have not thought about this perspective until I came across this article. I think this article ties in with our reading for the week because with Trump wanting to have stricter immigration laws or how he imposes suspicion on Muslims, it will create a generally less diverse or culturally enriched religious belief system throughout the country. I think a lot of people have or are loosing hope which could lead to two different ideas. I think people could lose their belief in a God (this was God’s world, why would he let one man destroy it) or more people will want to believe in a God and pray that Trump will not destroy the world. Either way it will cause a social change. Many people are faced with frustration, anxiety, and uncertainty of our future; people will turn to a higher Being for hope and relief.