“On Being Strangers in a Strange World”

In David Gushee’s article “On Being Strangers in a Strange World,” he addresses early in the article his opinion of three different types of “American Christians” and their views concerning  the President of the United States. He continues to tell of the discourse in Trump’s actions as compared to those of Martin Luther King Jr., as well as the community Trump has created. He believes that “community” is not that of God and a Christian community, but one of something else which he does not find comfort in. The point of the article is to highlight the author’s understanding of how he feels about the new president, as a Christian. He ends his article telling the readers he will not be participating and watching the Inauguration, but he will be praying for the success of the president, despite who that is.

I thought this article related to our class discussion and the reading because of the different view points he defines at the beginning as well as his own approach. He highlights the importance of community, both religious and secular, in the success of a nation. His opinion as a Christian American is that Trump will lead us to a less Christian path and one that is not of Jesus. He has questioned both his identity and faith because of the president elect. However, he is finding meaning and peace in knowing that God is greater than Trump and it is in Him whom he must trust.