It’s what is on the inside that counts

The news article that intrigued me is titled, “Nebraska Targets Ban on Religious Garb Worn by Teachers.” It struck a cord with me because it is an example of religious controversy. The article talks about a 1919 law that was passed by the KKK. This law is still intact in two states, Nebraska being one of them. I found sympathy for the woman who was unable to get a job due to her religious attire, because religion is a personal experience and she should have the right as an American to express her religion as she wishes. In the book we are reading for class, “American Religion” by Mark Chaves, there is a focus in chapter two about how these days there is a greater tolerance for religious diversity and traditions. In a certain sense, I can understand the root of where this statement comes from, because we live in a world where it is embraced to form your own beliefs. To a certain extent though, human beings will always be judgmental and intolerant because its inherent to society. This article is meant to bring awareness to the fact that a law which is now an irrelevant law, needs to disappear so that religious diversity can be embraced. I enjoyed reading this article because it opened my eyes to an issue I didn’t know was at hand. I am well aware of the intolerance of people but I didn’t realize that such old and trivial laws could still be in place.

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