Trump’s Welcome Committee: An avalanche of opponents

USA Today article by Heidi M Przbyla

Throughout out this past election here in the United States both candidates have been met with fierce resistance. On November 8th of this past year Donald Trump was announced the victor of the 2016 presidential election. On Friday January 20, Donald Trump will be sworn into the office he won to the dismay of many across the nation.

Demonstrations of protest are planned to take place throughout the nation’s capital, in each of the 50 states, and around the world in 32 countries. Many of these protest are focusing on defending the rights of women, other are paying homage suffragettes confirming women’s rights in government, and some protest are taking a more hostile stance against the president elect. Most striking is the unprecedented numbers of participants expected to show. Many are taking note that people who have never been involved in politics before are making moves now to mobilize. 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham Alabama even plans to conduct a demonstration on inauguration day. A significant objective of these protest is to encourage people to get more involved in their community.

As was discussed in class, Separate Realities showed how church and other religious organizations provide a basis for people to get involved and engage their community seen today in church organizations like 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham Alabama.